come fare gli Ingranaggi a cono .

Problemi e soluzioni per la parte meccanica dei Robot.
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come fare gli Ingranaggi a cono .

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Ciao a tutti.
Vorrei fare un ingranaggio con circa 12 denti e uno con
circa 28.
Uno grande e uno piccolo.
Io uso freecad.
Chi mi aiuta ...che devo poi stamparli per il presepe.
Volvent gear....

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Re: come fare gli Ingranaggi a cono .

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To make bevel gears, you need to follow these general steps:
Design your gears using CAD software or by hand, specifying the gear parameters such as the number of teeth, pitch, and module.
Choose the material for your gears, typically a high-strength alloy steel, and select the appropriate machining equipment such as a milling machine or a CNC lathe.
Cut the gears to shape, following the gear design you created earlier. This can be done using various cutting tools such as hobbing cutters or gear shapers.
Perform finishing operations on the gears, such as grinding or lapping, to ensure that the gear teeth are smooth and accurate.
Assemble the gears onto their respective shafts, ensuring that they are properly aligned and meshing correctly.
Test the gears under load to ensure that they are functioning as intended, making any necessary adjustments or modifications as needed.
It's important to note that making bevel gears is a complex process that requires specialized equipment and expertise, so it's typically done by professional gear manufacturers.