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Question in English

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Sorry, I can speak French, English or Spanish but no Italian... Shame on me ! You may hopefully understand my English.

I recently invented an alarm which seems to be of interest my city mayor, who turns out to be also a member of the parliament so I may have many orders. The mayor ask for an alarm by SMS.

So I am looking for a very cheap and basic item which has 1analog entry (triggered from a push button, or anything else like that) , and can send immediately a GSM to 5 different people. The place is remote place, only powered by a small solar panel so I would use a small "buffer battery", 12v 2A.

You seem to have an item which is close to my needs :
Combinatore telefonico GSM con audio

Can you please confirm that this is this one, or should it be another one ?

I don't actually need all the different inputs and outputs and I do not need the audio. Just an SMS sent to 5 people.

Thank you.


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A better solution is the TDG133. Please visit our site to consider this product.