TDG134 does not send SMS

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TDG134 does not send SMS

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I have two problems with TDG134.

1. The device accepts SMS (LED3 lights up), LED1 switches on together with relay, but the device never sends back SMS. I tried lots of commands, like NUM?:pass, OUT? etc. LED3 lights up but I receive no message. I tried using that SIM card with cell phone and the SMS goes to and from that phone OK. I manage to program the device: I changed the password and it accepted new phone number in the list of allowed callers.

2. Second problem is even bigger: sometimes when I switch on the device the relay switches on and stays on, and the LED1 (red LED) is on all the time. When the call comes in, the relay switches off for few seconds and then gets back on.

I was hoping to buy later the serial to USB adapter (there was none on stock at the moment I made the purchase) but the device I got does not even have the connector soldered on PCB.

Also, how can I reset device to FACTORY DEFAULT (Wipe out EVERYTHING)?